Faber launches permissions services website

Faber launches permissions services website

Faber has launched a new website to provide permissions services for organisations seeking to license Faber copyrights and authors.

The Faber Permissions website will offer users the opportunity for a "fully automated experience" for a variety of permission options. The site will take payments and generate licences and fees, as well as offer a fast-track option for last-minute or urgent requests.

The website will also automatically redirect users to alternative rights holders at the very start of the permissions process.

The permissions department will be “on hand to advise every step of the way” for any complex requests, the publisher said.

Emma Cheshire, permissions, performance and literary estates manager at Faber, said: “This has been a hugely important piece of work, and one which we hope will serve our authors better at the same time as making the whole process much easier for anyone applying. Permissions can be a long process, and knowing where to go and how to clear rights can be daunting. Our aim is to make the process as efficient and helpful as possible for all types of requests and for all users.”

Faber developed the system with Concurrent, a “dynamic and creative” software house with particular expertise in online licensing systems. The publisher is continuing to partner with Concurrent to offer a white-labelled version of the website over the coming months.