Faber to offer online permissions and licensing to industry

Faber to offer online permissions and licensing to industry

Faber will offer an online permissions and licensing tool to the industry as a “first of its kind” following the successful launch of its permissions site last year.

OPAL is aimed at publishers or agents who wish to streamline how their content is accessed and licensed particularly those with extensive backlists.

The package will include demos and training, customisation, hosting and advice on how to maximise the benefits of the system. Software house, Concurrent, Faber's partner in the development, develops licensing products across several industries.

A Faber spokesperson said: “This website is the first of its kind in the industry, offering users the opportunity for a fully automated experience for a variety of permission options. The site takes payments and generates licences and fees, as well as offering a new fast-track option for last-minute or urgent requests. It automatically redirects users to alternative rights holders at the very start of the permissions process. The site was shortlisted for the IPG Ingram Content Group Digital Publishing Award in 2017.”

The publisher's c.e.o Stephen Page said: “I'm delighted that we are able to offer OPAL to others. It's proved an incredibly useful tool for Faber, automating a time-consuming but nevertheless crucial side of our business.”

The service is a standalone product which does not directly engage with the other services Faber offers to publishers and agents.

Faber developed the permission services website in February last year with Concurrent.

For more information, contact rights manager Emma Cheshire on enquiries@faberpermissions.com.