Faber launches new Academy website

Faber launches new Academy website

Faber & Faber has launched a new website for the Faber Academy, integrating it with its main consumer website.

Users will now only need one account to book courses with Faber Academy, and to buy books from the Faber website.

Faber’s consumer marketing director Matt Haslum said: “In many ways, Faber Academy perfectly complements the community of Faber readers. Courses take place in the building, amongst our editors, authors and creative teams and we wanted to capture that in the Academy’s presence online. So we have integrated the Faber Academy site with the main Faber site, meaning that with just one account people can book their courses and browse and buy Faber books.”

Ian Ellard, head of Faber Academy, said in 2015 the company had a “wider, more ambitious programme of courses”, including an online novel writing course.

The new website was designed and built by Lewis, the agency responsible for Faber & Faber’s consumer site.