Faber ends FSG partnership

Faber ends FSG partnership

Faber is ending its partnership with American publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux (FSG) after 17 years, ahead of announcing new plans for its business in the US.

Faber and FSG first partnered in 1998, when Faber sold controlling interest of its Boston-based US subsidiary, Faber and Faber Inc. to FSG. Faber and Faber Inc has since continued as an FSG imprint, run by New York-based publisher Mitzi Angel, publishing a performing arts list alongside literary fiction including Paul Murray's Skippy Dies and Ben Lerner's Folio Prize-shortlisted 10:04. It has also published non-fiction including David Bellos' A Fish in Your Ear and Nick Davies' Hack Attack.

All the titles published by Faber and Faber Inc, and those under contract for release, will now become FSG tiltes, moving to the FSG colophon over the next 18 months. Angel will continue to acquire as vice president and executive editor at FSG.

Faber chief executive Stephen Page said: "FSG and Faber’s partnership, since its beginning in 1998, has been a highly fruitful and successful one. There could have been no more sympathetic and valuable home for the Faber brand than FSG for seventeen years. The market, though, for English-language publishing has become increasingly global and digital and it has become important for us, as a UK-based publisher, to be able to operate under our strong brand in all English language markets and, of course, the United States is the largest of these. While this joint ownership is ending, we know that the history, values, and editorial spirit we share with FSG will endure in the many other ways we work together."

The publisher added in a statement that it would be "announcing plans for the US market shortly".

Jonathan Galassi, president and publisher of FSG said: "Though Faber and FSG are ending our formal affiliation, our long-standing editorial relationship, which dates back to the friendship between T S Eliot and Robert Giroux and includes a long list of shared authors, among them Seamus Heaney, Ted Hughes, Philip Larkin, Derek Walcott, Paul Muldoon, and Christopher Logue will continue."

He added: "Mitzi Angel has been publishing exciting and distinguished books on both the FSG and Faber Inc. lists ever since her arrival as Faber Inc. publisher in 2008, and we now look forward to her contributing full time to the FSG list with authors such as Donald Antrim, Rachel Cusk, Michel Houllebecq, and Emmanuel Carrère, as well as writers she’s worked with here whose work was previously brought out under Faber, Inc."