Refugee camp story to Faber Children's

Refugee camp story to Faber Children's

Faber Children's has acquired a middle grade novel about children living in a refugee camp by Steve Tasane.

Child I is about a group of undocumented children who are known by letters instead of their names.

Tasane, who is also the author of Blood Donors and Nobody Saw No One (Walker Books), said: “Every book we write feels special to us, but Child I, my third children's novel, seemed to come not from me the writer, so much as it flew fully formed from my heart. It is also a book that addresses one of the most vital issues of our time – that of child refugees, and our global responsibility for their wellbeing.”

Leah Thaxton, publisher at Faber Children’s, bought world rights from James Catchpole at the Catchpole Agency. She said: “Steve writes with an economy of language that packs an extraordinary punch. Narrated by Child I, there is a searing poignancy to this astonishing story, showing us that children are recognisably children wherever they are... Steve has penned an unforgettable story that needs to be read.”

Faber will publish in paperback in May 2018.