Faber buys 'hard-hitting' look at NHS

Faber buys 'hard-hitting' look at NHS

Faber is set to release a new book, which it describes as a “hard-hitting, controversial look at the NHS”.

God Bless the NHS, by Roger Taylor, the director of research for Dr Foster, examines the Coalition Government’s plans for the health service, and the impact that reforms could have.
It comes at a time when a survey from the Office of National Statistics last year found higher public satisfaction with the NHS than at any time since its foundation in 1948, and plans to change its structure have been met with fury from campaigners.

It includes a study of the events at Stafford Hospital, which led to the first public inquiry into NGS standards in a decade.

Taylor is a former Financial Times journalist, who co-founded Dr Foster, an organisation that rates healthcare.

Julian Loose at Faber bought all rights for the book, which will be published as a paperback on 21st March 2013, priced at £9.99.