Faber acquires hate crime investigation

Faber acquires hate crime investigation

Faber is to publish a leading criminologist's investigation into hate crime.

Associate publisher, Laura Hassan, acquired world all language rights toThe Science of Hate by Matthew Williams from Anwen Hooson at the Bird Literary Agency.  

Hassan said: "This will be the first trade book on this phenomenon and Williams is a world-renowned expert. It is truly fascinating, timely and revelatory."

Williams, who is a professor of criminology at Cardiff University, addresses whether human brains are "wired to hate", the role technology giants play in modern genocide, and explores why the Covid-19 pandemic has "increase hate against Chinese, Jews, Muslims and gays".

He said: "In my early 20s I became a victim of a hate crime. It damaged me physically and emotionally, but it also sent me on a scientific journey to find out why my attackers chose me that day.  The past 20 years of my career have involved looking into some of the darkest parts of the human mind to work out what makes a prejudiced thought turn into hateful and sometimes violent action.

"Left unchallenged, the expression of hate in our modern connected society has the potential to become more widespread than at any other point in history. I’m thrilled to be working with Faber on the book, which I hope will help readers cut through the politics to better understand this increasingly prevalent human behaviour."

Publication is scheduled for March 2021.