Extinction Rebellion co-founder to self-publish climate manifesto

Extinction Rebellion co-founder to self-publish climate manifesto

Extinction Rebellion’s co-founder Roger Hallam is to self-publish a manifesto for confronting the climate emergency.

The 80-page book, Common Sense for the 21st Century: Only nonviolent rebellion can now stop climate breakdown and social collapse, will be released on 26th September and distributed by Turnaround Publisher Services as a £6 paperback.

Hallam’s book was partly inspired by Thomas Paine’s influential pamphlet Common Sense, which galvanised American Independence in the 18th century. It will set out action people can take now on climate change and how to use civil disobedience as a tool.

Its synopsis explains: “This book, drawing on the Civil Rights movement in America in the 1960s and Gandhi’s campaign for Indian independence, develops in detail the tactics and strategy for a new nonviolent climate change movement. It is not an academic tract but an urgent, necessary and practical call to action to which people across the world are responding.”

Hallam is an ex-organic farmer from Wales turned King’s College London academic who helped set-up Extinction Rebellion in April 2018. He has been arrested 10 times and served a prison term for his activism.

He said: “We can delude ourselves if we so wish, but we can be assured the next generation will be free of such delusions. They will be in the middle of the chaos of ecological collapse. They will want the prosecution of those who created the hell they will face. Think on that. Feel it in your body. And then act. Friends, there are no easy options anymore. There is only one way that leads to true self-respect – and that is Rebellion. Let’s get to it.”


Bill Godber, of Turnaround, said: "Turnaround are proud to be distributing this significant publication on civil disobedience. Indeed, this inspirational text will become essential reading for anyone organising effective mass protests. Its massive importance to the movement against climate change has already been demonstrated."