Exploration of humans' relationship with the Cosmos to Canongate

Exploration of humans' relationship with the Cosmos to Canongate

Canongate is to publish a journey through the history of humanity's relationship with the heavans, by science writer Jo Marchant.

Simon Thorogood, editorial director at Canongate, acquired world rights from Will Francis at Janklow & Nesbit to A Human’s Guide to the Cosmos.

The publisher said: "For most of human history, we have led not just an earthly existence but a cosmic one, in the sense that celestial cycles drove every aspect of our lives, according to the publisher. Our intimate relationship with the stars has shaped who we are – our religious beliefs, power structures, scientific advances and even our biology – in ways that still influence us today. But over the last few centuries we have separated ourselves, incrementally, from the universe that surrounds us. We now reach out with our intellects but not with our senses. Despite our scientific and economic achievements, we have distanced ourselves from the universe around us – and it is costing us."

Thorogood described Marchant's prose as "spakling" as it takes readers on a journey through the history of humanity’s relationship with the heavens. "Told through the lens of the night sky, it is also about how we can reconnect with the wonder of the universe," he said.

Canongate published Marchant's last book Cure: A Journey Into the Science of Mind Over Body in 2016.

Marchant said: "In Cure, I explored the far-reaching implications of the links between our minds and our bodies; in A Human’s Guide to the Cosmos, I hope to do the same for our relationship with the Sun, Moon and stars. I'm truly excited to be working on the book with the wonderful Simon Thorogood and delighted to be back with the team at Canongate, who did such a fantastic job publishing Cure."

Canongate have already sold rights in China to CITIC.