Exclusive short stories for Big Green Bookshop

Exclusive short stories for Big Green Bookshop

The Big Green Bookshop co-owner Simon Key is to publish a collection of short stories exclusively through the London indie by horror author Joseph D’Lacey.

The title will be a collection of D’Lacey’s short stories, published through Key’s publishing company Timeline Books, with 500 copies all numbered, signed and sold as limited editions.

Key first announced he was to turn publisher in October last year, with illustrated work London Tales by Greg Stekelman.

D’Lacey's debut novel Meat was published by Bloody Books, a department of Beautiful Books which went into administration last year, and Salt Publishing will release Blood Fugue later this year.

Key told The Bookseller: “We plan to sell a collection of [D'Lacey's] short stories, then give those who have bought a book a voucher code so they can go online, redeem it and read two more [stories].”

The paperback book will sell for £8.99 and be published on the same day J K Rowling is to release her adult novel The Casual Vacancy on 27th September, because “We thought we could give her a run for her money,” Key said.

Other marketing plans include an open competition to design the book jacket.

D’Lacey [pictured] said: “Selling it through the Big Green Bookshop is what is special about it for me . . . I love independent bookshops and it breaks my heart to see some of them going under.”

Other indies to turn publisher include Ron Johns of Mabecron Books and the Hungerford Bookshop.

Tim Godfray, c.e.o. of The Booksellers Association said: “Booksellers are uniquely placed to understand their local market and the BA encourages them to maximise their knowledge and expertise. Booksellers increasingly have to look to other activities to find the margins to support their business, and although there are risks in up-front costs, when the bookseller understands the market for their publishing the rewards in terms of margin, and connection with the local community, can be considerable"