Evaristo and Hirsch to author books in Tate Publishing's new series

Evaristo and Hirsch to author books in Tate Publishing's new series

Tate Publishing is launching a new series of short books, Look Again, focused on opening up conversations about British art written by authors including Bernardine Evaristo and Afua Hirsch.

The series will launch with four books this month, and continue with new titles over the next two years, totalling 12 books. The books explore the artworks in the Tate's collection, and encourage the reader to take a different perspective on the art.

First in the Look Again series is Class by author, editor and journalist Nathalie Olah, Empire by author and broadcaster Hirsch, Feminism by Booker Prize-winning author Evaristo and Gender by writer, performer and theatre maker Alabanza, all to be published on Thursday (25th November).

Commenting on the series, Evaristo said: "When I was invited to write this book, my first time writing about art, I immediately knew that I would turn my attention on women and womxn of colour in British art, because similar to the story throughout the arts, either as creator or curator, we haven't been very visible. This book is personal—about the art I've seen, and the art I've loved—any my interpretation of the art in the national collection and beyond, and from an intersectional feminist perspective." 

Future titles include Fashion by writer, academic and broadcaster Shahidha Bari, Visibility by author and BBC Radio 4's "Open Book" programme presenter Johny Pitts, and Complicity by writer and artist Jay Bernard.

The series will be overseen by senior editor Alice Chasey. Commenting on the new project, she said: "I'm delighted to be working with such a wonderful selection of authors on our new Look Again series. These first four books take the core themes of class, empire, feminism and gender and give them a pertinent and compelling twist, reframing these subjects for a contemporary readership. I'm looking forward to growing this series and to giving a voice to different perspectives as we look again at Tate's collection of British art."

The books will be availble to purchase at the gallery's shops and through the website. 

Director of Tate Britain Alex Farquharson said: "Look Again is a bold new publishing programme from Tate Publishing and Tate Britain. In 12 books, published in three stages, the series provides a platform for some of the most exciting contemporary voices to explore the national collection of British art in their own ways. The first four publications offer unique perspectives on a wide range of artworks across British history, and encourage us to look closely, and to look again."