EUK makes 'one-off' Beedle delivery

<p>EUK made a one-off delivery of J K Rowling&#39;s Harry Potter spin-off <em>The Tales of Beedle the Bard</em> earlier this week, ensuring supermarket customers including Tesco and Sainsbury&#39;s were fully stocked for today&#39;s launch.</p><p>Bloomsbury told <em>The Bookseller</em> earlier this week that it was &quot;confident&quot; delivery would take place, though refused to give details. It is now understood that the book&#39;s charitable status had a hand in the exceptional delivery of this one title. All other books remain on hold at EUK distribution depots as publishers and the administrator of EUK work out a deal.</p><p>Tesco received a &quot;six-figure&quot; number of copies during Monday, which were then distributed throughout the bookselling stores. It is selling for &pound;3.49, slightly less than half price, as it is in Waterstone&#39;s, W H Smiths and Amazon. Borders is selling it for &pound;4.99. W H Smith has also offered the book for 99p to customers spending &pound;15 or other products.</p><p>Meanwhile, independent bookshops have reported a slow start to sales of the new book. &quot;It&#39;s nothing like the usual Harry Potter pandemonium,&quot; said Marilyn Brocklehurst of the Norfolk Children&#39;s Book Centre. Alex Milne-White of Hungerford Books said that he had yet to sell one copy of the title. &quot;It might pick up,&quot; he said, &quot;but it&#39;s a bit of a non event at the moment&quot;.</p><p>Indies were however optimistic that the weekend would bring more sales. Anna Dreda of Wenlock Books said: &quot;We&#39;ve got our Christmas fair at the weekend and I think it will be the bestselling book of the day. It&#39;s definitely going to be one for Christmas - it&#39;s going to be a stocking filler.&quot;<br /> </p>