EU referendum: trade reacts

EU referendum: trade reacts

Trade figures including literary agents and authors reacted overnight as news came in that Britain had voted in favour of leaving the European Union. J K Rowling was among the authors reacting on Twitter. In response to a now deleted tweet she said: "I don't think I've ever wanted magic more." She continued tweeting reaction throughout the early hours of the morning.

She also said Scotland would now be seeking independence again.


Malorie Blackman woke up the "bad, sad" news.

Robert Harris said he felt like he was living in a book.

Literary agent Jonny Geller shared a similar outlook.

Philip Pullman said the result was akin to shooting a foot off to cure a headache.

In a series of tweets Nikesh Shukla expressed fear at the consequences of the result and warned America not to be glib about its forthcoming presidential election.

Matt Haig characterised the result as a victory for hate.

Michael Rosen attempted to joke about the result.

Canongate c.e.o. Jamie Byng said he was "reeling" after hearing the result.

Pan Macmillan's creative director Geoff Duffield, referring to the Leave campaign's claim that £350m would be available for the NHS if Britain left the EU, said:

London voted to stay in the EU, and was praised by Hodder & Stoughton's editorial director Briony Gowlett.

Older people were more in favour of leaving the EU than remaining, a point writer Sathnam Sanghera addressed.

Andrew Holgate, literary editor of the Sunday Times, expressed concerns about a "class war".