Encyclopaedia Britannica is "Superbrand"

<p><em>Encyclop&aelig;dia Britannica</em> has been named as the number 10 UK consumer &quot;Superbrand&quot; for 2009/10. <br /><br />It was the only publishing brand in the Top 50 and moved up 19 places from number 29 in 2008/9. </p><p>The annual independent &quot;Superbrands&quot; programme looks at what consumers believe are the nation&rsquo;s best-known and respected brands, and is voted for by the public.</p><p>Ian Grant, m.d. of Encyclop&aelig;dia Britannica UK said: &quot;Britannica is very pleased to hit the top 10 consumer Superbrands. It shows that in an uncertain world consumers increasingly value rigorously created information, accessibly published both online and in print.&quot;<br /><br />He added: &quot;This recognition by consumers is a tribute to the quality of the contributors we commission, the editorial team who check and double-check all the text and pictures and to the marketing team who make our material so readily available.&quot;<br /><br />Microsoft was named as the top &quot;Superbrand&quot; with Rolex second and Google third. The ranking was chosen by a sample of over 2,100 consumers. </p>