Elton John to do one-off Waterstones signing for 'global event' autumn memoir

Elton John to do one-off Waterstones signing for 'global event' autumn memoir

Sir Elton John will take part in a one-off signing event at Waterstones Piccadilly this autumn, as part of a "global event" publication for his autobiography, Macmillan has revealed. 

Pan Mac will publish John’s autobiography, written by John with writer and music critic Alexis Petridis, in the UK on 15th October, with imprint Henry Holt publishing simultaneously in the US. 

The book is the lead title on the Macmillan stand at the London Book Fair, supported with an exclusive on-stand launch video. Pre-orders for the book were launched on Friday 8th March and within hours it had entered the Top 100 on Amazon and had hit the Number One spot in Popular Music.  

In a UK exclusive event in partnership with Waterstones, John will be appearing in conversation at the Hammersmith Apollo in November, followed by a one-off signing at Waterstones Piccadilly. 

The publishers, Jeremy Trevathan of Pan Macmillan and Ben Schrank of Holt, are collaborating with Macmillan offices around the world to create a global marketing campaign which covers three phases, starting with the cinema release of “Rocketman” in May, followed by social media campaigns and a Christmas gifting campaign, with John promoting the book in the UK and US. 

The as-yet-untitled book was acquired on behalf of Macmillan by Stephen Rubin, president of Holt, and Pan Macmillan m.d. Anthony Forbes Watson, from Andrew Wylie of the Andrew Wylie Agency in New York and London, and announced last fall. 
John Sargent, c.e.o. of Macmillan, said: “We will publish Elton John’s autobiography as a single global event. His music is a touchstone for people of all ages around the world, and they will be amazed to read how remarkable his personal and professional life has been. His book will share the stories that have had such an impact on their lives.”

Trevathan said: “For a certain generation of book publishers across the world, in which I include myself, the quest to publish Elton John’s memoirs was like the Holy Grail of publishing. And now here it is: his incredibly frank, funny and personal story. As a book, it just delivers more than any of us could ever have hoped it would. It’s honest, irreverent, moving, revealing and, for the reader, it feels like Elton is sitting there, looking you in the eye, laughing and talking to you directly - and it’s such a pleasure to be in his company. I absolutely guarantee that this will be THE memoir of the decade.”
Schrank added: “Sir Elton John’s story is tremendously affecting for the many generations of his fans. He shares what it was like to grow up and discover who he was at a time when that was not easy. This story is intimate and knowing and brings us a deeper understanding of how Reginald Dwight became Elton John.”