Elsevier's gender pay gap still nearly 40%

Elsevier's gender pay gap still nearly 40%

Elsevier has reported a median pay gap of 39.4%, slightly down from last year's 40.4%, but still over twice the current national average which the Office of National Statistics currently puts at 17.9%. The company's mean pay gap is also slightly down at 27.5% (29.1% last year).

The latest report uses data from April 2018, well ahead of Kumzal Bayazit's appointment in February as Elsevier's first ever female c.e.o., taking over from Ron Mobed.

Bonuses were awarded to an even higher percentage of men than women in the latest report, with 60% of men receiving a bonus (up from 56.5% last year), while the percentage of women receiving bonuses was virtually unchanged (45.8%, as opposed to 45.7% last year). However there were sizeable drops in the gender pay gap on bonuses, falling from 47.5% in last year's report to 29.3% in the latest filing, on a median calculation, and on the mean calculation down from 30% to at 17.8%.

In a statement accompanying the data filing, Elsevier said: "The reason for the total pay gap at Elsevier Limited is that there is a greater proportion of men than women in more senior, higher paid roles, and a greater proportion of women than men in lower paid roles... It is these gender demographics that are driving our UK gender pay gap.The bonus pay gap statistics reflect the fact that opportunities to receive performance-related pay (for example annual and share-based incentives and sales commission) increase with seniority and there is a greater proportion of men than women in more senior roles."

Men made up an even higher percentage of the top pay quartile in the latest report, at 76.9% (up from 74.4% the previous year). However, the balance of men and women in the lowest paid quartile improved slightly, with 30.2% in that quartile men (up from 27.5% the previous year).

Elsevier reaffirmed that it is "committed to creating a diverse and inclusive work place", making efforts to increase the representation of women in senior roles.

Elsevier employs around 1,200 people in the UK, approximately 16% of its global employee population.