Eliot shortlist, Keats-Shelley prizes awarded

<p>Scotland&#39;s Poet Laureate, Edwin Morgan, has been shortlisted for the UK&#39;s most prestigious poetry prize for a collection exploring what it means to grow old. At 87, Morgan is the oldest poet to be nominated for the &pound;15,000 T S Eliot Prize, which rewards collections published in Britain over the past year, notes the Independent.</p><p>Meanwhile, the winners of this year&#39;s Keats-Shelley Prize Awards were announced last night. The prize awards, set up in 1998 by the Keats-Shelley Memorial Association, encourages talented poets and essayists of all ages and walks of life to write on Romantic themes: poems of modern relevance and Romantic inspiration, and essays on Keats, Shelley, Byron, or Mary Shelley.<br /><br />The winning poets are Richard Marggraf Turley, senior lecturer in English at the University of Wales, and co-counder and co-director of the Centre for Romantic Studies, Aberystwyth; Katherine Lucas Anderson, an American poet whose work has been published frequently in the UK and the US; John Goodby, lecturer in English at the University of Swansea; and Emily Hasler, a twenty-two year old graduate from Suffolk. </p><p>The winning essayists are Adam Gygnell, a twenty-one year old undergraduate reading English at Magdalen College, Oxford for his essay &#39;&quot;Ye elemental Genii&quot;: Nature, the Elements and the Poet&rsquo;s Mind in Shelley&#39;s poetry&#39;; Roderick Speer, an American writer based outside Washington DC for his essay &#39;Scotland in Byron&#39;s Life and Poetry&#39;; and Alex Bubb from London, currently reading English at Christ Church, Oxford for his essay &#39;Mary and Percy Shelley and Lord Byron&#39;s interest in Cataclysm Theories&#39;.<br /> <br />This year the prizes, worth &pound;3,000, were sponsored by Barclays Wealth, The Cowley Foundation, Department of English, University of St Andrews.</p><p>* Roland Vernon has won the Daily Mail First Novel Competition 2007. The prize includes a publishing deal worth &pound;30,000 with Transworld. </p>