Egmont signs deal to publish Generator Rex tie-ins

<p>Egmont has bought the UK rights to publish a range of tie-ins for the Cartoon Network children&rsquo;s series Generator Rex.<br /><br />The deal will see it publish children&rsquo;s fiction, activity books, annuals, magazines and e-books featuring the cartoon&rsquo;s characters. Egmont secured the deal for an undisclosed sum from Turner CN Enterprises.<br />&nbsp;<br />David Riley, managing director of Egmont, said: &ldquo;Generator Rex is a fantastic property full of exciting stories and characters and we are looking forward to translating this wonderful show to print.&rdquo;<br />&nbsp;<br />Generator Rex is a cartoon about a 15-year-old boy with the ability to produce machines from his body, turn his fists into boulders, and sprout a jetpack out of his back. He works for the government tracking down other mutant creatures created by the same experiments that gave him his powers.<br /><br />Egmont will be publishing the first of the titles in July 2011. </p>