Egmont launches subs-based website

<p>Egmont has launched its first subscription-based website based on its series, <em><a href="" target="_blank">I Can Learn</a>.</em> The website will be aimed at parents of children aged three to seven years and will cost &pound;4.99 per annum.</p><p>The service, which launched this week, will offer a range of worksheets and rewards that link to the primary curriculum. The website&#39;s content has been developed from Egmont&#39;s existing <em>I Can Learn </em>titles, although the content is distinct from the book series said Martyn Luke, head of marketing and brands at Egmont Publishing Group.</p><p>Luke said: &quot;We have never offered a subscription-based model before but <em>I Can Learn</em> is a successful series and we think it can carry a distinct digital offer because there is nothing like it in the market place.&quot;</p><p> Luke said he expects around 10,000 people to use the free trial in the first year and for that to convert to regular subscribers in the second year. He believes the website may give a &quot;small boost&quot; to book sales of the <em>I Can Learn</em> series. </p><p>Rob McMenemy, senior vice-president, Egmont English Language &amp; Central Europe, said: &quot;There are 1.3 million three- to five-year-olds with home internet access in the UK and a growing appetite among parents for materials that are easily accessible, fun and educational.&quot; </p><p>Last year Penguin launched a subscription-based website for children, <a href="" target="_blank"></a>, and both companies are waiting to see how their audiences develop before potentially launching other similar ventures.</p>