Ebury in YouTube 'Secret Santa'

A collaboration between Ebury, Books Are My Bag and National Book Tokens has led to the first book-themed Secret Santa on YouTube.

Six influential UK YouTubers/vloggers, with a combined reach of almost two million subscribers, were chosen to take part in the Secret Santa.

Ebury sent the group a package of books, and armed with a Books Are My Bag tote and National Book Tokens, the vloggers then created two videos—one about receiving their Secret Santa present, and one about purchasing the perfect set of books for Christmas in their local bookshops.

The publisher said: “Secret Santa is usually about trying to guess who bought presents for ‘x’, but the twist with Ebury’s ‘Books Are My Bag Secret Santa’ is that it’s more about allowing people who watch these vloggers/ YouTubers to guess who the books are for.”

Ebury said the campaign was devised “as a way to engage with the YouTube community and YouTube talent; as well as to promote books and bookshops, and further actualise the ethos underlying the Books Are My Bag campaign”.

The YouTubers involved are Justkissmyfrog, Rosianna Halse Rojas, Booksandquills, Patricia Bright, Carrie Hope Fletcher, and Alex Day.

Some of the videos have already been uploaded, with the rest due in the coming weeks.