Ebury signs psychic

<p>Ebury has signed a three book deal for psychic Mia Dolan&#39;s first venture into fiction. Worldwide and translation rights were bought from Matthew Parrett. <em>Rock a Bye Baby</em> will be the first of the three books to be published. the titles will work as a trilogy, but can also be read alone. The first is to be set in the sixties with &quot;East End villains&quot; and &quot;working class heroes&quot;.<br /><br />Fiction editorial director, Gillian Green said that Dolan&#39;s &quot;life story and experiences make her ideally placed to turn her attention to creating strong family drama and her gritty, realistic debut novel will appeal to fans of historical sagas as well as those who like reading true life tales of triumph over adversity&quot;.<br /><br />Ebury will publish <em>Rock a Bye Baby </em>as a paperback original in March 2009, the second book, <em>Anyone Who Had a Heart</em>, will follow in October and the third book <em>Wishing and Hoping </em>in February 2010.</p>