Ebury signs Nev Wilshire

Ebury signs Nev Wilshire

BBC Books has signed a book from reality TV personality Nev Wilshire, star of BBC3 documentary "The Call Centre."

Editorial director Lorna Russell signed joint rights from the BBC and MetroStar, with plans to publish the book Happy People Sell: My Strategies for Success in October 2013.

The book will share Wilshire's unique management style, which has seen his Swansea-based call centre reach a £60m a year turnover. "The Call Centre" attracted more than 1m viewers on BBC3, with the series transferring to BBC1 in the autumn.

Part of Wilshire's techniques include compulsory singsongs, arm wrestling with his staff, and impromptu matchmaking. He said: "I’m sure my book will either confirm people’s views that I’m a loud and overbearing Welshman, or just maybe give people some fresh ideas on how to get the best out of people with a smile, a song and a little bit of arm wrestling! Either way I’m sure people will find it an entertaining read, and who knows we might soon have Mr Brightside being sung in offices all over the country.”

Russell said she had: "suggested the idea of compulsory singing in Ebury staff updates going forward".