Ebury signs Gemma Collins

Ebury has signed up an autobiography from "The Only Way is Essex" star Gemma Collins.

After joining the hit ITV2 reality-drama show in its second series, Collins has become a tabloid fixture with stories about her weight and love life, and appeared on a host of other TV shows.

Her as-yet-untitled book was signed up by Ebury’s commissioning editor Kelly Ellis, who bought world rights excluding USA for an undisclosed sum from CAN Management. Ebury publishes in April 2013.

Ellis said: “Gemma is a real woman with a real story. Born and bred in Essex, she is very proud of her curves, but her weight gain followed a tragic period in her life where she miscarried and subsequently split from her long-term partner. Ever since she has battled with her weight, but has gradually learned to love herself whatever her shape.

"She’s sassy, fiercely independent, and has a heart of gold. But the most lovable thing about Gemma is her unique sense of humour—wherever she goes she has people in stitches and we can’t wait to have a lot of fun with her while working on this hugely exciting project.”

Collins said "I am just so excited to be writing my own book. I can't wait for all of you to find out the triumphs, tribulations and revelations that I have got to tell you. You won't be able to put it down; in fact your boyfriends will probably leave you! I am going to show you all what Gemma Collins is really all about."