Ebury reveals 'Less Ordinary' digital list

Ebury has launched a digital imprint, initially focusing on abridged versions of Ebury's narrative non-fiction titles, called Lives Less Ordinary. Deputy publisher Andrew Goodfellow is behind the new range of digital shorts, which has begun by releasing 10 titles. The titles will be from 3,000 to 20,000 words, and will be priced under £1.99 on a sliding scale, according to length.

The launch titles comprise How to Understand Paul Gascoigne by Danny Baker, How to Win the World's Greatest Road Race by Mark Cavendish, How to be an NYPD Drugs Cop by Edward Conlon, How to Hunt an LA Gangland Killer by Miles Corwin, How to Seduce Marilyn Monroe by Tony Curtis, How to Escape a Taliban Ambush by Paul Grahame and Damien Lewis, How to Become an Internet Billionaire by David Kirkpatrick, How to Survive on Tour With a Rock Band by Stuart Maconie, How to Live Forever by Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham and How to be a Modern Man by Danny Wallace.

The e-books are available from e-bookstores including Amazon, the iBookstore, Waterstone's, W H Smith's, the Book Depository and Tesco. They are in formats suitable for smartphones, e-readers, tablets and PCs.

Goodfellow said: "We're fortunate to work with so many authors who have had extraordinary experiences and it's a great opportunity to be able to put all of this existing content into one unique series. The fact that all the Lives Less Ordinary books are bite-size also makes them perfect for anyone who's always on the go and doesn't have much time in their day for reading."

He added they work in a similar way to the Quick Reads titles, encouraging those who are not regular or prolific readers to buy a title and read. He said: "In some way, they have a marketing role for the wider Ebury list as well as acting on their own."

He also said "everything is flexible" in terms of the types of books content and the volume of titles that will be published under the imprint from now on, not ruling out original content being published first through the imprint.

These plans follow the launch of more digital shorts by Random House, with the Brain Shots: Summer of Unrest straight-to-digital titles going on sale last week, with four 10,000 word titles including Revolution Road by Peter Beaumont and Kettled Youth by Dan Hancox.