Ebury to publish Silicon Valley exposé

Ebury to publish Silicon Valley exposé

Ebury is publishing a "no-holds-barred" insider's account of Silicon Valley by a former employee of Twitter and Facebook.

Chaos Monkeys: Inside the Silicon Valley Money Machine by tech entrepreneur Antonio Garcia Martinez is scheduled for 30th June, with Ebury publishing simultaneously with HarperCollins US. The deal was made with Patrick Walsh at Conville & Walsh, on behalf of Sloan Harris for ICM Partners.

The book is described as an "irreverent exposé" that bursts the tech bubble to reveal the inner workings of an insular industry. It looks at the way the tech business works, in particular online advertising, marking the debut of "industry provocateur" Garcia Martinez, who is a former Twitter advisor, Facebook product manager and startup founder and c.e.o of AdGrok (a venture-backed startup acquired by Twitter), as well as a strategist for Goldman Sachs.

After stints on Wall Street and setting up his own company, Garcia Martinez joined Facebook’s nascent advertising team, turning its users' data into profit for chairman and c.e.o. Mark Zuckerberg and c.o.o. Sheryl Sandberg. After he was "forced out" over the future of the company’s monetisation strategy, he then landed at rival Twitter.

Ebury publisher Jake Lingwood said: "We’re thrilled to have Chaos Monkeys on the Ebury list. It’s a brilliant piece of narrative non-fiction and is the perfect blend of Liar’s Poker and The Social Network with some of the irresistible swagger of The Wolf of Wall Street thrown in. This book is a rare glimpse inside the walls of Silicon Valley and readers won’t be disappointed."

Garcia Martinez lives in San Francisco Bay on a 40ft sailboat.