Neil Rankin's modern meat cookery guide to Ebury

Neil Rankin's modern meat cookery guide to Ebury

Ebury Press, part of Penguin Random House, has acquired Low and Slow: How to Cook Meat by Neil Rankin: a guide to "modern meat cookery".

Rankin describes it as "a book about cooking meat in the most failsafe way and getting the most out of each piece of meat"; the trick, according to Rankin, is to "turn the temperature down, cook meat slowly and get the best results without stress". The book includes 100 recipes, supported by "tried-and-tested logic", and is divided into four chapters: steaks, roasts, braises, and barbecue and slow smoking. Each chapter also includes a section for meal accompaniments.

Laura Higginson, Ebury Press senior commissioning editor and Borra Garson at Deborah McKenna Ltd did the deal for world all language rights.

Edinburgh-born Rankin is a physics graduate of Salford University and a former sandwich entrepeneur, having opened a chain of sandwich bars, before retraining at a Cordon Bleu culinary school at the age of 29. He has since cooked in fine-dining restaurants, including Rhodes 24 and Chez Bruce, and went on to become head chef at Pitt Cue, John Salt and then Smokehouse. He opened Bad Egg, an American-diner style restaurant, in 2014 and a second Smokehouse in Chiswick in spring 2015. He was a guest recipe columnist in The Independent on Sunday and has recently joined the team behind London Union, London's latest, successful street food offering. He also competed in the 9th series of BBC2′s "Great British Menu".

Higginson said: "We love Neil and everyone here at Ebury is really excited to publish Low and Slow. Neil’s recipes are simple to follow and foolproof and his flavour combinations are big, bold and comforting. Neil has distilled his cheffing experience and shared all his techniques in this book while remembering at all times how people really cook at home and what they want to eat. Try Neil’s method for cooking steak then you’ll want to cook everything else in the book – it just works. His mushroom and bone marrow butter is class A, I had a spoonful at the book shoot then wanted/needed to eat it all. It was so good."

Rankin said: "I wanted this book to be accessible to everyone, but it’s not a book on convenience. Low and Slow is a book to use when you want to show off a little and cook something perfectly for your friends, family or just for yourself. It's a book for when you can spare the time to make things perfect and get the best out of your meat. For most of this book all you need is an oven, a frying pan and a little time."

Low and Slow will be published in hardback by Ebury Press in May 2016, priced £25.