Ebury pre-empts Plant Power Doctor in two-book deal

Ebury pre-empts Plant Power Doctor in two-book deal

Ebury has pre-empted two books from the Plant Power Doctor, Gemma Newman.

Editorial director Laura Higginson secured world all language rights from Rowan Lawton at The Soho Agency.

In the first book, The Plant Power Doctor: A Simple Prescription for a Healthier You, to be published on the 7th January 2021, Dr Newman shows “how, with three simple steps, we can improve our long-term health simply, affordably and at any age”. The synopsis goes on: “Gemma tells her own compelling personal transformation story and combines trusted medical research and her clinical experience treating a range of chronic diseases, to create a simple, plant-focused eating plan.”

Higginson said: “This is the book we all need, as we reflect on how we can best look after ourselves to face whatever health challenges come our way. Dr Newman’s lifestyle plan to beat disease, ill health and boost immunity and resilience is simple yet effective and the evidence connecting what we eat to how we feel is compelling.”

Newman, who has worked in medicine for 16 years, added: “So many of the patients I see are suffering from long-term diseases that feel beyond their control. With this book, I am so excited to share ground-breaking information and enlightening real-life examples that will change what you thought you knew about food. This book is unique in that the solutions to improve your health can also help the planet too. Join me for a plant-powered health revolution.”