Ebury buys 'very personal memoir' by Sarah Brown

<p>Ebury has acquired a &quot;very personal memoir&quot; by the former prime minister&#39;s wife Sarah Brown, about her time &quot;behind the Black Door&quot; of 10 Downing Street. </p><p>The Random House publisher has world rights, which it bought for an undisclosed sum direct from Brown, as the company has an historical relationship with her. The as-yet-untitled book will be launched for Mother&#39;s Day next year, as an &pound;18.99 hardback.</p><p>The memoir will cover the personal side of Brown&#39;s life as the wife of a prime minister, as well as her work as an international charity campaigner, looking at the way her life changed as she stepped into the public eye.</p><p>Fiona MacIntyre, managing director of Ebury, said: &quot;Sarah achieved much in her own right during her time in Downing Street, with opportunities that allowed her to meet a wide range of women of all ages.&quot; She added: &quot;People like and admire her, and for many one of the defining images was Sarah leaving Downing Street with Gordon and their two small sons with such grace and dignity.&quot;</p><p>Ebury has previously published five books in association with Brown&#39;s charity PiggyBankKids since 2003.</p>