Ebury buys Boardman memoir

Ebury buys Boardman memoir

Ebury Publishing's deputy publisher Andrew Goodfellow has bought the autobiography of cyclist Chris Boardman direct from the author.

The book will be a June 2014 hardback.

Goodfellow said of the book: "Chris is a fantastic bloke and one of the most fascinating and inspiring people in the sport. The missing link between Tom Simpson and Bradley Wiggins, Chris's amazing story is the story of British cycling itself, from lone amateurism to high performance worldbeaters."

In the 1980s and 90s, Boardman achieved Olympic track gold and the world hour record and repeatedly claimed the yellow jersey in the Tour de France. Meanwhile as head of the R&D team known as The Secret Squirrel Club, he has also been responsible for technical innovations that made the difference in the 2012 Olympics. Ebury said Boardman's achievements made him "the founding father of the current golden generation".

Boardman said it was "a big decision" to write the book because "I am a great fan of looking forward, only digging into the past to find lessons that might inform what come next." He added: "In working with Ebury and writing this account, I've found out new things about myself and enjoyed reflecting on old friends and special moments, so I hope you'll enjoy it, from my perspective it's been quite a ride."

Boardman now co-presents ITV's Tour de France coverage.