Ebury bags bargain-hunter mum's money-saving hacks

Ebury bags bargain-hunter mum's money-saving hacks

Ebury Press has bagged a book by money-saving expert Holly Smith, founder of Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, the second largest Facebook group in the world.

Editorial director Laura Higginson bought world all-language rights from Laura Edwards and Alex Chavez Munoz at Viral Talent in a two-book deal. Holly Smith’s Money Saving Guide will publish in November 2020.

The publisher said: “Holly Smith’s Money Saving Guide will contain all her best hacks and tips to save money—simple, life-changing ideas for everyone. All the costly moments of everyday life are included, from supermarket shops, eating out, bills, back-to-school, clothes, beauty—with chapters for special occasions like kids’ parties, weddings and Christmas. She has also asked her money-saving friends to contribute their best ideas and has included her favourite tips from the Facebook community too."

Smith is a mum-of-three whose Facebook group has 1.3 million members and is also a blogger on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

She said: “There are so many complicated money saving books that are really hard to get through (I have them all!). I wanted to write this book to make money-saving easy to understand for everyone. Anyone can save thousands of pounds every year with the hacks in this book. Even if you only get through the first 10 pages of my book, you’ll have made the value of the book back and more with the tips you have learned!”

Higginson added: “Could there be a book we need more this year?! Holly blew us away with her wealth of knowledge and forensic approach to everyday saving. She has a unique talent for making saving genuinely simple and fun. She knows so many surprising ways you can save (and make) a lot of money. Our team have found the manuscript addictive reading. You read it and you can’t believe how easy the tips are and you just have to share what you’ve learned with someone else, immediately. This is a real passion project for Holly—helping people worry less about money—we’re really excited to help her make it happen.”