Ebook revolution 'on the horizon'

<p>In just a few short years, MP3 downloads and the iPod changed the face of the music industry. CDs are going the way of the dodo, and high-street music stores fear for their future. Now there&#39;s a new revolution on the horizon; this time in the realm of books, says the Independent.<br /><br />For nearly 600 years &ndash; since the invention of the printing press &ndash; the printed book has reigned supreme as the &quot;technology&quot; of choice for reading. But this looks set to change as more publishers, and even authors, put out their titles in digital format as &quot;ebooks&quot; These come in a number of formats, the most ubiquitous being PDF, which is readable on computers and mobile devices (including Palm handhelds and the iTouch), as well as on dedicated ebook hardware such as Iliad Reader.<br /><br />A number of pointers suggest that the ebook revolution is about to break big.<br /></p>