Eastenders’ Danny Dyer releasing book with Quercus

Eastenders’ Danny Dyer releasing book with Quercus

Quercus is to publish a book by Eastenders’ actor Danny Dyer.

The World According to Danny Dyer: Life Lessons from the East End will see Dyer tackling questions including 'where have all the old school boozers gone?', 'are there such things as ghosts?', and 'am I middle class?’.

Editorial director Jane Sturrock bought world rights from Paul Stevens at Independent Talent.

Sturrock said: “We couldn’t be more excited about working with Danny Dyer.

"Danny has a reputation for serving his opinions straight up, and his book promises to be surprising, honest  and above all else very, very funny.”

Dyer said: “This book is me ranting about all sorts. Just look at it as one of my finest, longest and off the wall tweets.

"I’ve even freaked my own nut out writing it.”

Quercus will publish on 22nd October 2015 in £20 hardback.