Eason launches "diverse" marketing campaign

Eason launches "diverse" marketing campaign

Eason has today (11th April) launched a new marketing campaign to emphasise the diversity of the customers it caters for.

The Irish bookselling chain's new strapline is "Whatever you're into, get into Eason", and will start with radio advertising. Life-size cardboard characters will be placed in all 60 Eason shops, representing people with different interests of different ages from varied backgrounds—"from scuba divers to beekeepers".

The new marketing strategy follows the recent announcement that €20m is to be invested in the company over three years. During that time, a company-wide restructure will take place to make €8m of cost savings, which is most likely to involve voluntary and compulsory job cuts.

The marketing campaign is also set to include a print and television advertising campaign and will run all year-round instead of being centred on calendar events such as Christmas and Father's Day.

David Field, head of marketing and retail development at Eason, said: "Following research we identified a need to do more to create a connection between the Eason brand and our customers.

"Our new brand proposition is all about our customers, celebrating the diverse interests that Irish people have and communicating that Eason has something for everyone.

"We are currently operating in an extremely competitive environment and so establishing strong connections with customers through our brand is crucial".

Ian Young, m.d of Irish International said: "The advertising approach is character-driven, celebrating the diversity of Eason consumers in a whimsical, humorous and uniquely Irish way underpinned by a direct call to action to 'get into Eason'."

The investment programme will also include refurbishments and renovations, new category developments and an up-weighted digital and online offering due to be launched later this year.