E-lending pilots 'set for autumn'

E-lending pilots 'set for autumn'

Publishers and librarians have assembled a list of questions to inform e-lending pilot schemes around the UK.

The move follows the Sieghart Review's recommendation that free remote e-book lending be established at public libraries, but that "frictions" be put in place to mirror physical lending.

Janene Cox, president of the Society of Chief Librarians [pictured], said: "We want to address questions like: 'Will remote e-lending drive membership?', and 'Will it increase libraries' footfall?'. Publishers will have their own questions they will want answered as well."

She added: "Hopefully different authorities will also want to take part so we will get a broad picture of how e-lending works in the different areas. Cox said she hoped to see the  schemes 'implemented by October or November'."

The project is now being put out to tender.