E-booksellers silent on eve of new app rules

CNN reports that Amazon and Barnes & Noble are remaining tight-lipped on the eve of new app rules being introduced by Apple. Today, 30th June, is the deadline for app makers to get in compliance with Apple's strict new rules for in-app payment and subscription links.

Under the new rules apps such as the Kindle app will have to remove any buy buttons that link to an external store via a web browser. Buy buttons can still be included, but only if customers are routed through Apple, which results in the giant electronics company taking a 30% cut.

CNN reports that Hulu updated its iPad app last week to remove a link to its website. The app's opening screen used to feature the line: "Not a Hulu Plus subscriber? Visit hulu.com/plus to learn more and sign up." That line—and the website link—are now gone, bringing Hulu into compliance with Apple's rules.

However, just hours before the new rules are slated to kick in, app makers in the crosshairs are staying silent, says CNN.