E-books may be more lucrative than print, says Scribd

<p>E-books could be more lucrative than print books, Scribd&#39;s co-founder has said, Reuters reports.</p><p>&quot;It&#39;s clear now that there&#39;s going to be enough demand for books distributed as digital content, that there is going to have to be a digital distribution mechanism for books,&quot; he said. </p><p>&quot;If we handle the transition correctly the electronic model may actually monetise better than the print model.&quot; </p><p>Speaking at Book Expo America, Jared Friedman said he was more optimistic about the publishing industry&#39;s transition to the digital format than the music industry had experienced. </p> <p>&quot;We seem to be going straight from an Adams model to an iTunes model and skipping the many years of Napster&#39;s and Kazaa&#39;s that went in between for the music industry,&quot; he said.</p> <p>Friedman said it was important that publishers encourage a more competitive marketplace.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> </p>