Drake launches campaign to get refugee tale into schools

Drake launches campaign to get refugee tale into schools

Drake – The Bookshop has launched a campaign to place 285 copies of refugee tale The Day War Came into schools whilst also raising money for the author, illustrator and charity.

The indie retailer in Stockton is crowdfunding so that author Nicola Davies and illustrator Rebecca Cobb get their fair royalties from the project after Walker donated copies of the book. The price of the title also includes £1 donated to the charity Help Refugees.

The campaign from the Independent Bookshop of the Year regional finalist came about due to the owners wanting to spread the message of sanctuary from the “beautiful and poignant” book, as well as frustration on behalf of authors and illustrators around deep discounting.

“When our Walker Books rep showed us a copy of Nichola Davies' new book The Day War Came, which is beautifully illustrated by Rebecca Cobb, we were blown away by the moving story of the value of hope and compassion, which can often appear so be lacking today,” the crowdfunder page reads.

“The book is based on a poem written by Nicola in the Spring of 2016 - following the UK's refusal to give sanctuary to 3,000 unaccompanied child refugees, and in response to a story of a little refugee girl who was turned away from school because there wasn't a chair for her to sit on.

“We felt that this important message about the power of kindness needed to be shared with children on Teesside, many of whom come from refugee communities. Teesside is a City of Sanctuary and already has long-standing experience and culture as a dispersal area.”

The bookshop has pledged £1,425 towards the final total of £2,850 on the crowdfunder, which has six weeks to run. Prizes for pledges including a “chance to be a guest bookseller for a day” at Drake’s and a three-month book subscription.

“The book is a message of hope and compassion and something we think schools and pupils would be love to create some work by using,” co-owner Melanie Greenwood said. “As an independent bookshop we are keen to ensure that the true value of books is recognised and authors and illustrators get a fair deal from the sale of their books.”

The fundraising launched as Independent Bookshop Week and Refugee Week finished on 23rd June and if successful books will be distributed in the 1st week of the new school year.

In March, Drake was crowned the Independent Bookshop of the Year for the North.

Visit the Crowdfunder page here.