DLT fast-tracks women bishops book

DLT fast-tracks women bishops book

Religion and spirituality publisher Darton Longman and Todd is publishing an "immediate response" to the Synod meeting last November which saw a vote against women bishops in the Church of England.

Ordained priest Maggi Dawn reflects on the decision in Like the Wideness of the Sea, to be published in February as a £6.99 paperback. The book expores how the decision affects the author personally "and how the church must respond through theology, tradition and reason".

DLT Books editorial director David Moloney said: "It's a fast-track publication—we felt that there is so much anger, hurt and confusion in the C of E right now that it was important to produce a book which gives voices to all those who feel so misrepresented, and an intelligent perspective on where to go from here."

He added: "Maggi is a terrific communicator and writes from the head and the heart. If the vote had gone through, she is one of the women many would have expected to become a bishop in the future."

Dawn was for many years fellow and chaplain of Robinson College, Cambridge, before moving to Yale Divinity School in 2011 as associate dean and associate professor of theology and literature.