DK's 'most ambitious' digital project launched

DK's 'most ambitious' digital project launched

DK has this week launched its "most ambitious digital project yet", a Human Body app for the iPad, with the Quick Cook app also now available.

The Human Body app covers the 12 systems of the body and is priced £9.99. Developed by digital agency AKQA, it went live on the app store on Monday.

The app, adapted from The Human Body Book, is illustrated with over 200 specially commissioned images, and contains almost 100 story pages of text, annotations, that can be turned on or off, and illustrations.

Special features include zoom-able artwork; four CGI films of the key processes of the human body; a 3D-rendered spinning human body with removable layers that reveal the body systems in detail; and haptic feedback, which allows the user to feel the heart beat, lungs breathe and nerve impulses race as they hold their iPad.

Digital publishing director Justin Moodie said: "This is the most ambitious digital project undertaken by DK. It genuinely sets a new standard for illustrated reference projects."

He added that they had been working on the Human Body app for seven months, and said it was the "depth and breadth" of content that made it stand out from competitors. He said: "We have packed in as much as we physically can. The mix of features and functions we think is unique. We designed it specifically to be an add-on to the book. The book has more content than the app, but the app absolutely has content that is just not possible in the book."

Meanwhile, also made available this week, is the Quick Cook app which will be priced £3.99, with additional recipe packs available for £0.69 through In-App Purchase. It was developed with Cogapp.

The app is based on DK's Cook Express book, and contains more than 500 recipes, each with a photograph of the finished dish. The app also enables users to create shopping lists and menus, and has a comprehensive search function to help users find a specific recipe.

On the Quick Cook app, Moodie said: "We designed it to be a cooking companion. We looked at all the different products out there and we tried to roll all the features that we liked into one product."