DK signs seven-minute workouts from YouTube fitness guru Wyndham-Read

DK signs seven-minute workouts from YouTube fitness guru Wyndham-Read

DK has acquired The Seven-Minute Body Plan by personal trainer and YouTube star Lucy Wyndham-Read.

Publishing director Mary-Clare Jerram signed world rights Jody Flanagan at Stylehaul. The 7-Minute Body Plan: Real Results in 7 Days – Quick Workouts and Simple Recipes to Become Your Best You will be published on Boxing Day.

The synopsis explains: “Lucy is on a mission to help women love their bodies, whatever their shape, size, fitness level, or age, and to help them feel their best quickly and easily. Her 7-Minute Body Plan promises that you need to find only seven minutes a day for just one week to work out, shape up, see real results, and feel the difference. The exercises are quick and easy to do at home with no equipment, and are achievable whatever your fitness level."

Wyndham-Reed has more than 20 years’ experience in fitness and has built up 1.4 million followers on social media and 993,000 YouTube subscribers with her routines. The book includes simple, healthy recipes alongside exclusive workouts.

She said: “I know that the secret to helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle lies is creating shorter workouts and easy to make, healthy recipes. This way they are doable, they get results, and simply become a way of life. I recently asked my followers what they enjoy most about my workouts and their feedback was consistent; they are quick, easy and they really work.”

Jerram added: “A workout that demands only seven minutes a day and makes a difference within a week is ideal for our frantic pace of life today. This, and Lucy’s promise that, very soon, you will start to embrace and love your body is utterly compelling. Her highly engaged social media followers rave about the simplicity and effectiveness of her seven-minute routines, one saying ‘Actually I can do these for the rest of my life’. Lucy is a dynamo and DK are thrilled to be publishing her.’