DK Readers relaunches

DK Readers relaunches

DK has re-launched its children’s reading scheme with a new programme built for children aged three-11, which will see 10 new titles released this year.

The announcement marks 15 years since the launch of DK’s original DK Readers series, the first all colour, photographic non-fiction books for children to support reading in schools and at home. Titles of the new books include Sea Otters, Jungle Animals, Spaceships and Rockets and Big Fantastic Earth.

Divided into four reading levels, from learning to read to reading alone, the series aims to support children from the start of school until the end of primary level education, and features specially commissioned artwork and photographs.

The first six books in the series will be published in July, with the next four to follow in September. All books are priced at £4.99. A number of licensed titles based on LEGO and Star Wars will also be released throughout the year.

Publishing director for DK Children, Sophie Mitchell, said: “Parents can also need a little help when choosing appropriate books for a child learning to read and are familiar with the levelled reading schemes their children use in school. DK’s new reading scheme combines clear levelling parents can use with confidence with thrilling subjects children are passionate about, like dinosaurs, space exploration, and of course Star Wars. It’s our mission to get children excited about reading, and we’re confident that our new, updated programme will do just that.”