DK to publish entrepreneurs' guide to navigating racial bias in the workplace

DK to publish entrepreneurs' guide to navigating racial bias in the workplace

DK is publishing a business book exploring "the unavoidable truths about racial bias in the working world", called Twice As Hard: Navigating Black Stereotypes and Creating Space for Success, by Raphael and Opeyemi Sofoluke.

Publishing in hardback and audio in June 2021, senior acquisitions editor Stephanie Milner acquired world rights in the book from Oscar Janson-Smith at Kruger Cowne Ltd.

Twice As Hard looks at black identity in the workplace as well as what "a blueprint for success" might look like. It is written by an entrepreneurial husband and wife team—Opeyemi Sofoluke is founder of a Christian subscription box company, The Growth Box, while Raphael Sofoluke is c.e.o. of the UK Black Business Show, an annual exhibition promoting businesses founded by members of the Black community, and founder of the Black Tech Achievement Awards.

In the book, the authors aim to expose the obstacles that limit opportunity for black professional progress and explain how to challenge racial stereotypes, be productive, find purpose and ultimately design a successful career. In the process they explore their own personal brand of ethics, challenges and learnings, before inviting other contributors to share their experiences and the practical measures they’ve taken to realise their goals. Among the book's contributors are India Gary-Martin, Mathew Knowles, Bianca Miller-Cole and Trevor Nelson MBE.

Milner said: "When I joined DK Life to expand our list of author-led books, Raphael and Opeyemi were exactly the kind of authors I was hoping to find. They are knowledgeable, thoughtful and dedicated. And they are busy writing and collaborating with the world’s leading Black professionals with real momentum to deliver what I know will be a truly important book."

The authors commented jointly: "We are delighted to be working with Stephanie, who has shown so much support and a genuine passion about the subject area we will be covering. It is an honour to be working on a much needed book for the Black community and for those who seek to better understand our experiences. By sharing valuable lessons from Black trailblazers from across the UK and US, Twice As Hard will address the real challenges faced by Black people navigating predominantly white spaces while providing tried and tested recommendations on how to navigate these environments to create personal and professional success."