DK cleans up with professional organiser Dilly Carter

DK cleans up with professional organiser Dilly Carter

DK will publish Create Space: Declutter Your Home to Clear Your Mind ​by professional organiser and Instagrammer Dilly Carter.

Senior acquisitions editor Stephanie Milner acquired world rights from Carly Cook at The Found, with the title to be published in hardback and audio on 14th January 2021. 

Carter is the founder of Declutter Dollies, an organising and home styling service. Carter first learned the value of decluttering when she began helping her mother, who suffers from bipolar disorder, organise her ‘living chaos’ at home.

Carter's first book, Create Space will show readers how taking steps to clear and simplify your living space can also help clear your mind, improve your relationships, and enhance your overall wellbeing. The book will offer a room-by-room guide to organising and decluttering with ideas, advice and step-by-step methods. 

Milner said: "I started following Dilly on social media long before we began talking about making this book. I’m so pleased to be helping her to reach more people who will both enjoy reading about how to bring calm to a cluttered home and also benefit from the mental clarity that brings. Believe me, Dilly’s advice will change your life!"

Carter commented: "I’m beyond excited to be publishing my first book. I feel like every single house I’ve been into and every personal experience I’ve had has led me to this moment. This book isn’t just about folding jeans, it’s a genuine real-life account that reaches beyond a perfectly organised pantry. It’s about the power of space and the small changes you can make to get the calm we all so desperately want."