DK invites booksellers to head office in BA scheme

DK invites booksellers to head office in BA scheme

The Booksellers Association and DK have unveiled the second year of the DK Day initiative, with booksellers invited to DK's head office for a special look at the creative process.

Inspired by the success of the BA’s Shopfloor Publishers Project, where publishers went to work on the shop floor in a variety of bookshops, DK has invited booksellers to the publisher’s London head office to experience a special inside look into the creative process from start to finish at a global non-fiction publishing house. It was launched in January 2018 and there have been four so far with preparations in place for a fifth.

DK has hosted days for travel, children’s and adult publishing. The most was travel-focused, repeating the theme of the first, and proved “invaluable as the publisher was able to discuss the recently relaunched Eyewitness Travel Guides,” DK said.

The attendees have come from across the UK, including Scotland from Ireland to Yorkshire. 

 “We are always thrilled when productive collaborations flow from good ideas, and the DK Days are one of the best examples of bringing booksellers and publishers together as a result of a collaboration exercise, the Shopfloor Publishers Project”, said Meryl Halls, m.d. of the BA.

“The booksellers who have attended the Days have relished the chance to get closer to the publishing process, and DK in turn has gained valuable market intelligence from their customers. It’s a wonderful initiative to build creative partnership approaches, and we look forward to many more DK Days, which are both generous and generous-spirited, and many more booksellers having the opportunity to take part.”

Sarah Whyley, bookseller at Heffers shop in Cambridge, said: “I gained an amazing insight into the thought processes involved in the production of DK books which was really interesting. Also, just meeting and talking to other booksellers about ideas was really worthwhile.”

Georgina Dee, travel publisher at DK, said: “Our DK Day initiative is a really great way to get closer to booksellers, to show them the care and attention that goes into making our books, to have the time to debate current hot topics and to listen to their views and ideas.”

The next event will be a children’s-focused day on 17th June. DK will cover all travel expenses and accommodation if necessary with food and drink provided and a goodie bag. Applicants should email