Dirge signed up by Titan

<p>Titan Books has signed up comics creator Roman Dirge, best known for his series <em>Lenore</em>, &quot;the cute little dead girl&quot; named after the Edgar Allan Poe poem of the same title.</p><p>The publisher already had UK and Ireland rights to the <em>Lenore</em> backlist, which comprises three volumes and has now purchased world rights. Dirge both writes and illustrates the work.</p><p>Previously the volumes were published in paperback and were black and white. Titan will now publish them in colour hardback editions called <em>Noogies, Cooties</em> and <em>Wedgies</em>.&nbsp;</p><p>The first volume, <em>Noogies</em> will be published by Titan in late August. Fresh material will be first released into the comics market.&nbsp;</p><p><em>Lenore</em> has built up a cult following and Titan said it now aimed to &quot;propel her &ndash; and her creator &ndash; into the mainstream&quot;. Dirge said: &quot;They have a lot of great ideas to facilitate the shoving of my little zombie girl into more poor unsuspecting peepers.&quot;<br />&nbsp;<br />Titan&rsquo;s managing director, Nick Landau, said: &quot;I consider Roman Dirge to be one of the most exciting, talented and fun-filled comic creators of today.&quot; </p><p>He added that the deal, &quot;not only brings his backlist back into print, but will allow him to create new Lenore comics and collections as well as a whole new range of vibrant, hilarious and bizarre character books&quot;.</p><p>Titan plans to publish further collections of old and new Lenore as well as art books to feature a range of Dirge&rsquo;s work including unpublished illustrations, paintings and strips.</p>