Digital Science invests in TetraScience

Digital Science invests in TetraScience

Holtzbrinck-owned technology software company Digital Science has made an investment in US start-up TetraScience.

Founded by scientists and engineers from Harvard and MIT, TetraScience enables researchers to manage their laboratory research equipment remotely via the web using cloud software.

Research teams can use it to monitor their experiments even when they are away from the lab, with the data logged automatically, thus saving time and upping productivity.

The start-up won a catalyst grant from Digital Science last year and is now receiving a follow-on investment.

Daniel Hook, m.d. of Digital Science, said: "We believe that TetraScience has the capability to significantly impact how research is performed and managed. TetraScience has built a very talented team with a deep background in research, so they understand fully the challenges that need to be solved and are building a great solution to meet those challenges."

Digital Science's portfolio of companies include ReadCube, Figshare and LabGuru. The addition of TetraScience expands the research management portion of the portfolio.