Digital publisher Readership uses Minecraft to promote books

Digital publisher Readership uses Minecraft to promote books

Readership, a digital book publisher “controlled by readers”, will use Minecraft to promote the books on its site.

Readership launched on 27th January 2015, with the premise that it was “created out of a desire to see more publishers embedding themselves in online culture”. Its website reads: “We’ve seen what communities across the digital world can achieve – particularly when they’re passionate about something – so we’ve created a space that embraces that passion and gives readers the ultimate say in what gets published.”

On the site, writers upload extracts which readers vote ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ on, adding donations to every ‘Yes’ vote. Every title which reaches its target will be published. Readership aims to promote the extracts uploaded on the site through online campaigns and community activities and provide authors with the space to upload any audio or video content they’ve created which complements their writing.

As part of this it is now building an extension to its world in the video game, Minecraft.

Readership will use Minecraft to create an interactive experience, where users can go on quests to explore the stories in the world. Using the functionality of the game, it will also be building the sets of the stories on its site to help create a unique atmosphere for the reader. Visitors can read extracts of writing, interact with objects relevant to the story, and then come to Readership’s site to read more and fund any title that’s piqued their interest.

Sam Rennie, founder of Readership, said: “This is just one example of how we want to use every online space we can to promote the world of reading and writing. At its core Minecraft is about imagination and creativity, so it’s the perfect medium through which we can discover more ways to promote writing.”

Readership is now open for writers, who can sign up at the website.