Dialogue snaps up narrative and essay collection from White

Dialogue snaps up narrative and essay collection from White

Dialogue Books has signed “sensational” narrative about Black women, If We Are Going to Heal, Let It Be Glorious, and essay series The Black Take by activist and film-maker Cat White.  

UK Commonwealth rights, excluding Canada, for both projects were acquired by publisher Sharmaine Lovegrove from Karolina Sutton at Curtis Brown to be published in 2023.  

If We Are Going to Heal, Let It Be Glorious uncovers the imprint that has been made by Black women throughout history, shining a light on their everyday acts of resistance and elevating examples of them surviving, thriving and glowing,” the blurb reads.  

“As Black women, we stand on the shoulders of those that came before and If We Are Going to Heal, Let It Be Glorious is a narrative that is solely dedicated to connecting Black women’s historical legacy to the glorious women of today—and celebrating them. Let It Be Glorious will inspire generations of readers.”  

The Black Take was dubbed by Dialogue as "sensational". The Little,Brown imprint described it as “a ground-breaking series of books spanning topics such as politics, climate change, mental health, food and music and providing an opportunity for the world to listen to the revelatory insights of undiscovered experts on these subjects and how they relate to the Black experience".

White is a writer, actor, filmmaker and gender advisor for the United Nations. She is also founder and c.e.o. of Kusini Productions, a platform established to create opportunities, change the narrative and champion voices of Black women and girls. She grew up between Yorkshire and Wales before moving to Paris, Geneva and back to Paris again. She holds first class degrees in English and French from the University of Warwick and Women’s Studies from the University of Oxford.  

“I am elated that If We Are Going to Heal, Let It Be Glorious, and The Black Take have found their home at Dialogue,” White said. “I was won over by Sharmaine’s passion, vision and ambition for my books which at their heart are joyful, celebratory and inspiring. Sharmaine and the whole Dialogue team understood this instinctively and I know they will bring my words to life in the most authentic, powerful and honest way. I am so excited to work with them.” 

Lovegrove said: “I read the proposal while having my hair plaited into braids. I was so moved by it that I read parts out to my new hairdresser and we were totally connected by the power of the historical legacy and the positivity of our collective global experience. We were two Black women far from our birthplace connecting through Cat White’s narrative and through publishing both the book and the series my ambition is that we reach a more nuanced, informed and enlightened understanding of Black experiences that transcends trauma and reflects on resistance and growth. Cat White is incredible, and we are blessed to have her on our roster.”  

She added: “We can’t wait to see what she brings forth with The Black Take which is as innovative as it is inspiring.”