Dialogue Books launches podcast with Dr Pragya Agarwal

Dialogue Books launches podcast with Dr Pragya Agarwal

Dialogue Books is launching a podcast with author Dr Pragya Agarwal, called "Wish We Knew What To Say: A Podcast About Talking with Children About Race". 

The podcast is an accompaniment to Wish We Knew What To Say: Talking with Children About Race, published by Dialogue Books on 29th October. The first episode is released today (23rd November) and it will be a six-part series, with episodes released once-weekly.

In the podcast, Dr Agarwal meets with parents, carers, educators and psychologists to explore how they have vital conversations, for instance, "How do you talk to your child about discrimination, privilege, power, race and racism?" and "How do you speak with your children about racial bias in a way that makes them feel neither like a victim or a villain?"

Guests include Rangan Chatterjee, Anna Winger, Courttia Newland and Candice Brathwaite, and it will be relevant for parents of all age groups, from toddler to teen. 

Dr Agarwal commented: "While writing Wish We Knew What To Say and running workshops for parents and teachers, I realised that while there is an eagerness to learn, there is also a lot of discomfort around the topic of race and racism. I wanted to start this podcast as an accompaniment to the book, to speak with a diverse set of parents and educators from a range of backgrounds and ethnicities about their experiences and challenges of speaking with their children about racism.

"I have found some heartbreaking stories of how racial bullying can affect children's sense of identity and self-esteem from a very young age, and how parents of colour often do not have the luxury to not have this conversation with their children. I also found out the effect these conversations (or lack of it) can have on children as they step into teenage years and young adulthood, and how through honest and active engagement with this subject, we can create a generation of empowered and confident young people, who not only stand up for themselves but also against any injustice they see around them."