'Devastating exposé' on Middle East to Oneworld

'Devastating exposé' on Middle East to Oneworld

Oneworld is to publish a "devastating exposé" on Western involvment in the Middle East titled Shadow Wars: The Secret Struggle for the Middle East by Christopher Davidson.

Oneworld holds world rights to the book, which will be published in October 2016.  

In a "devastating exposé" of geopolitical cynicism and corporate greed, Shadow Wars "places the primary blame for the failure of the Arab Spring and the rise of Islamic extremism on the covert efforts of the Western powers to sponsor counter-revolutions in the Middle East and cultivate Islamic extremist forces as strategic assets".

The book will draw on an "extensive" range of material including government reports, declassified intelligence, leaked secret documents and interviews in a range of languages. According to the publisher, "Davidson not only lifts the lid on a century of Western manipulations in the Middle East, but reveals how even after 9/11 the revenue streams of groups like al-Qaeda were left largely intact while the real targets of the ‘War on Terror’ were the regimes who stood in the way of Western investment; how the revolutions of the Arab Spring got out of hand, and most alarmingly, how US intelligence agencies and their regional clients still regard Islamic State, like al-Qaeda before it, as a weapon to be wielded against their enemies in the region."

Novin Doostdar, co-publisher at Oneworld, said: “The devastating upheavals in the Middle East represent one of the most significant political issues of the last decade, and Christopher Davidson amasses an extraordinary range of evidence and brilliant analysis that will drastically change the debate and our perception of the events in the region”.

Davidson is a Reader in Middle East Politics at Durham University. His last book, After the Sheikhs (C Hurst & Co Publishers), was published in 2013.

Shadow Wars: The Secret Struggle for the Middle East will be published in both the UK and North America in October 2016.